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Westminster House Dental PracticeWestminster House Dental Practice
3.4 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Siobhan GilesSiobhan Giles

As an American I have fairly high standards for dentistry and am so thrilled to have found a dentist like Dr Christian who takes such great pride in his patients’ smiles. When I consulted Dr Christian on removing old metal fillings, he carefully advised me to ensure I understood the fillings were not defective or dangerous and if I proceeded it was only for aesthetics. I did proceed and find Dr Christian’s consistent focus on quality and appearance of work to be really refreshing and rare. He was very attentive both times to ensure the bite was just perfect. All the staff seem interested in making the patients’ experiences as pleasant as possible. No matter where I work or live in Greater London, I will travel to be a patient of Dr Christian.

Anooshey TasadduqAnooshey Tasadduq

I have had an amazing experience with Dr Payal Shah at this dental clinic. She was extremely cooperative as she herself called me several times when I missed my appointment. Also, she explained to me all the options I have for my treatment and their pros and cons thoroughly to help me decide the best one for me. Moreover, she was adept in all the diagnostic and treatment services she provided me.

David StewartDavid Stewart

This is a fantastic dental practice. Appointments are readily available and very easy to book. They even do Saturday mornings! Staff are friendly and very professional and as an NHS practice fees are very low. I cannot over recommend this great practice.

Laurence SweetLaurence Sweet

Hi all
I have been to many dentist practices over the last 40 years but none off them come anywhere near as good as Westminster House dental practice the receptionists are very welcoming and good at there job.
My lovely dentist Anjuli and her colleague Sagal actually saved my life last May 2017 when they noticed a very small spot on my tongue and then referred me to guy's hospital
And turned out to be cancer of the tongue
Luckily they removed the tumour and I am now OK I am sure without them noticing the cancer I would still be smoking and in real trouble Ty both
The practice also has a amazing hygienist Jamie who has done wonders with my terrible teeth and gums and is the 1st hygienist I have been happy to see as I am never in pain when I see her
You will never find a better practice and staff
All the best

Michael BairdMichael Baird

Treated like an animal.
I had root canal treatment done 5 months ago and a crown fitted. During a long flight back to the UK I began to feel some pain. Thinking it maybe to do with cabin air pressure I tolerated it for the next few days. However, it seemed to be getting worse and so I contacted the dentist and was given an appointment for close of business the next day.
Dr Shah said she could see no sign of infection and that it might settle down. I asked for antibiotics but was told no, and that if it hadn’t settled down in another 2 days to send her an email and she would refer me to a specialist. She also told me treatment by a specialist would be a 4 month wait. As far as pain relief I was told to continue taking paracetamol and ibuprofen. Dr Shah also made the comment that it would have been better if I had avoided painkillers before seeing her. Very helpful!
I endured another days increasing pain but by day 2 it was becoming intolerable and so telephoned and asked reception if they could ask Dr Shah to call me when free as I was in increasing pain. Following on from her previous comment I refrained from taking more painkillers so that she could see the pain I was in.
I waited, and waited. After 4 hours I called again. Reception said she was busy but they would get back to me when they had had a chance to speak with her.
In the meantime I found an alternative dentist who saw me as an emergency and immediately prescribed antibiotics. During my visit there, Reception left a message on my voicemail saying “as Dr Shah has told you could you send her an email”. Really, this is their level of patient care.
The antibiotics did not work straight away and so the pain got worse which resulted in me having to go to A&E to get stronger pain relief. Had they been prescribed sooner I doubt this would have been necessary.

Dr Shah subsequently called me, 30 hours after my initial call, from the airport as she was going on holiday. I explained I had gone elsewhere and been given antibiotics as I was in considerable pain. She proceeded to tell me how she had been acting within guidelines and that she too had been suffering, with a cold, but had made it into work for the sake of her patients.
If you have any expectations of a sense of human decency from your dentist then I would advise, as I have, that you go elsewhere.

Judith Nelis - MontesJudith Nelis - Montes

Very good and friendly service !

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Ian S. RomanisIan S. Romanis
Emma FoxEmma Fox

Staff all lovely, friendly and welcoming. Def recommend and visit again. Thank you x

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Shona TaylorShona Taylor
Danielle 'Lioness' BagleyDanielle 'Lioness' Bagley

Lovely staff, and dentists......the managers alright too!

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Hugo ConwayHugo Conway

Friendly receptionist. Warm greeting from Dentist. Excellent service

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