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Westminster House Dental PracticeWestminster House Dental Practice
3.6 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Maxine NeilanMaxine Neilan

Online booking system and text confirmation is great. The reception staff were kind and efficient. My dentist Dr Payal Shah was extremely kind, courteous and professional. As someone who suffers extreme anxiety, she managed to put me at ease. she talked me through all the treatment I was to have done and constantly reassured me whilst it was being done. The treatment itself was excellent. In the past she has fitted a crown and my last visit a filling, which were all done without pain and with constant reassurance. The dental nurses who assisted was also professional and kind . I would not hesitate to recommend this practice and in particular this dentist to anyone.

Bobby CregerBobby Creger

WORST dental practice. Every appointment gets cancelled last minute (on the day, hour beforehand). This has happened at LEAST 7 times. Even when one appointment gets cancelled and rescheduled, the rescheduled appointment gets cancelled! Ridiculous. If unable to fulfil appointments, why offer them??? Completely had it with Westminster House Dental. I'm not even getting into the horribly long wait times when you actually get there. Find another practice. ANY other practice.

Siobhan GilesSiobhan Giles

As an American I have fairly high standards for dentistry and am so thrilled to have found a dentist like Dr Christian who takes such great pride in his patients’ smiles. When I consulted Dr Christian on removing old metal fillings, he carefully advised me to ensure I understood the fillings were not defective or dangerous and if I proceeded it was only for aesthetics. I did proceed and find Dr Christian’s consistent focus on quality and appearance of work to be really refreshing and rare. He was very attentive both times to ensure the bite was just perfect. All the staff seem interested in making the patients’ experiences as pleasant as possible. No matter where I work or live in Greater London, I will travel to be a patient of Dr Christian.

Brian GorstBrian Gorst

I was really impressed with this practice. I had a root canal and a crown here recently. The dentist, Anjuli, was really supportive and lovely through the whole process. The root canal was difficult due to the shape of my roots but I feel she gave it the proper amount of care and made sure all was okay before proceeding with the crown. I had to return a number of times due to complications with my crown (through no fault of the dentist's) and the practice were very accommodating with fitting my appointments around my work schedule. Definitely recommend!

Julia CunninghamJulia Cunningham

Fantastic Dentist, I joined this practice as it's close to my work and don't need to take time off for an appointment.
The staff are great and always take the time to explain things and If you have a problem and just need to speak to a dentist you can call for advise if your dentist is with a patient they will call you back.....saving both time.....I would highly recommend this practice.

Judith Nelis - MontesJudith Nelis - Montes

Very good and friendly service !

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Emma FoxEmma Fox

Staff all lovely, friendly and welcoming. Def recommend and visit again. Thank you x

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Danielle 'Lioness' BagleyDanielle 'Lioness' Bagley

Lovely staff, and dentists......the managers alright too!

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Hugo ConwayHugo Conway

Friendly receptionist. Warm greeting from Dentist. Excellent service

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Ian S. RomanisIan S. Romanis
Shona TaylorShona Taylor